• Yokogawa Differential Pressure Transmitter EJX110A-JMS4J-917DB

Yokogawa Differential Pressure Transmitter EJX110A-JMS4J-917DB

  • تولیدکننده: YOKOGAWA
  • مدل کالا: EJX110A-JMS4J-917DB

Manufacturer: Yokogawa
Yokogawa Pressure Transmitter 
Product Number: EJX110A-JMS4J-917DB

Model: EJX110A -  Differential Pressure Transmitter
Output signal: -J - 4 to 20 mA DC with digital communication (HART 5/HART 7 protocol)
Measurement span (capsule): M - 0.5 to 100 kPa (2 to 400 inH2O)

Wetted parts material: S 
Cover flange and process connector: ASTM CF-8M
Capsule: Hastelloy C-276 (Diaphragm); F316L SST, 316L SST (Others)
Capsule gasket: Teflon-coated 316L SST 
Vent/Drain plug: 316 SST

Process connections: 4 - with 1/2 NPT female process connector
Bolts and nuts material: J - B7 carbon steel
Installation: -9 - Horizontal piping and left side high pressure
Amplifier housing: 1 - Cast aluminum alloy
Electrical connection: 7 - M20 female, two electrical connections and a blind plug
Integral indicator: D - Digital indicator
Mounting bracket: B - 304 SST 2-inch pipe mounting, flat type (for horizontal piping)

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