• MSP Series Solenoid (Process) Valves- MAG - MERT Akiskan Gucu

MSP Series Solenoid (Process) Valves- MAG - MERT Akiskan Gucu

مشخصات عمومی:
» G 1/4", G 3/8”, G 3/4” and G 1” air inlet and outlet ports. 
» Easy-clean, compact, light and robust design
» Normally closed. 
» 12V DC, 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC and 220V AC coil voltage options
مشخصات فنی:
Test standard is ISO 19973-5.

Operating Pressure: 1…… 8 Bar

Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +60 °C

Flow MSP 1/8”: 2000 l/min
Flow MSP 3/8”: 2900 l/min
Flow MSP 1/2”: 3100 l/min
Flow MSP 3/4": 10000 l/min
Flow MSP 1”: 115000 l/min

Fluid Type: Filtered dry or lubricated compressed air. If oil lubricated air will be used, it is recommended to use MAG special air preparation oil.

Application Conditions: 
» Maximum operating pressure should be complied in each operation of solenoid valve. 
» Adverse effects such as aggressive fine particles, vapours, high temperature and compressed air contamination should be avoided.

Test: Each valve is subjected to internal and external leak tightness test in accordance with MAG standards and ISO 19973 standards before being shipped. 

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