• Namur Directional Control Valves-MAG - MERT Akiskan Gucu

Namur Directional Control Valves-MAG - MERT Akiskan Gucu

مشخصات عمومی:
  • Used for control of rotary actuators. 
  • G 1/4" or G 1/8” air inlet and outlet ports. 
  • Compact and robust design. 
  • High cycle life. 
  • With 5/2 function. 
  • Normally open and normally closed options
مشخصات فنی:
  • Namur standard
  • Connector standard is DIN 43650 B.
  • Test standard is ISO 19973-2.

Actuation Type: Electrically actuated
Feedback Type: Electrically or spring actuated
Operating Pressure: 1-3…… 10 Bar
Fluid Type: Filtered dry or lubricated compressed air. If oil lubricated air will be used, it is recommended to use MAG special air preparation oil.
Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +80 °C. 
Flow Rate G 1/8 (@ 6 Bar): 600 Nl/min
Flow Rate G 1/4 (@ 6 Bar): 990 Nl/min
System cleanliness: Particle size in compressed air should be maximum 40 µm.
Coil Voltage Options: 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 24 VAC, 110 VAC, 220 VAC. 

Application Conditions: 
» Maximum operating pressure should be complied in each operation of pneumatic valve. 
» Adverse effects such as aggressive fine particles, vapours, high temperature and compressed air contamination should be avoided.

Valve body is manufactured by aluminium processing. Covers are manufactured from polyamide. Slide is manufactured from stainless material. Sealing components are manufactured from NBR.

Test: Each valve is subjected to internal and external leak tightness test in accordance with MAG standards and ISO 19973 standards before being shipped. 

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