• Enerpro FCOAUX60 Auxiliary Firing Board

Enerpro FCOAUX60 Auxiliary Firing Board

  • تولیدکننده: ENERPAC
  • مدل کالا: FCOAUX60
The FCOAUX60 operates in conjunction with the FCRO4100, FCOG6100 or FCOVF6100, where operation of more than four,or six are required. Typical examples would be paralleled SCR applications and 4-Quadrant operation.

Key Features

  • Increases number of SCRs fired from standard firing boards
  • For use with FCRO4100, FCOG6100 and FCOVF6100
  • Voltage operation to 600 Vac


  • Gating Parallel SCR’s
  • Reversing Power Supplies
  • 12-Pulse Applications
  • Two Speed Controllers
  • Remote Operations
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